A Mom Torn Between the Church and her Son

It's an awful position to be in. It is a heart wrenching conflict between a parent's love for a child and their faith. But think about it... those two things should never be in conflict! If they are, something is off-track. I want to share with you a comment/question that I received from a parent … Continue reading A Mom Torn Between the Church and her Son

Not Your Mama’s Church Choir!

Can we talk about the choir at the GCN conference? Oh. My. Gosh. What a beautiful and amazing group of mostly gay men, a few lesbian women and some parents. The voices. The harmonies. Brought tears to my eyes. But beyond the voices was the spirit: of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness… Early on in … Continue reading Not Your Mama’s Church Choir!

Is That Rachel Held Evans??

We headed toward the front and slipped into the seats behind my friend, to await Rachel Held Evans' keynote talk. My friend's husband turned around to me and said, "You have made such a difference to my wife. Your blog and your love have restored her faith." Deeply touched, I patted his arm and said, … Continue reading Is That Rachel Held Evans??

Resting is Easy, Anyone Can Do It

My brother Paul was mentally and physically handicapped.  His right arm was paralyzed from a birth defect, and he walked with a limp. He had the same genes of intelligence the rest of us kids had but limited understanding. Brain damage caused by lack of oxygen at birth. So he had a strange mix smart and … Continue reading Resting is Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Afraid to Come Out

"I felt the earth shake under my feet, I was horrified, shamed, and considered suicide. I confessed my relationship to my leaders. Then the nightmare began." To all my friends, including new friends from the GCN Conference, so glad you are here. I was eager to write about the conference, but I am very sick. On … Continue reading Afraid to Come Out

God’s Love Abundant at GCN Conference

My heart is brimming with God's love for some 700 LGBTQ men and women and supportive family! I spent four days at the Gay Christian Network Conference in Chicago with this group of gays, lesbians, transgender men and women at every point on the journey. Some believe God blesses same-sex, committed relationships (Side A), and some … Continue reading God’s Love Abundant at GCN Conference

Telling Younger Ones About Gay Siblings

"My sister loves girls and that is okay! God loves us all -- girls and boys -- so it is okay." Age 6 When a gay child comes out, how does the family deal with the younger children? This can be tricky. Not only must the family come to terms with the situation, but they need … Continue reading Telling Younger Ones About Gay Siblings