Life is Sweet, Bittersweet

"This one is for the girl who says those voices in her head, never leave her alone. Don't listen to your teacher, you're not crazy, just smarter than the rest of them." At a conference last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. Two beautiful, talented women with tender, creative, … Continue reading Life is Sweet, Bittersweet

Do You Trust The Church?

The church has a serious image problem. A while back, a pastor we knew proposed to the local fire chief that his neighborhood church team up with the fire department on a particular community event. The fire chief responded: "No... you see, people trust the fire department." Ouch. What image comes to your mind at the word "church"? You may remember it fondly … Continue reading Do You Trust The Church?

Bring Out The Heterosexual In You

Bring out the heterosexual in you? What?!? Watch this entertaining but terribly unnerving clip from John Stewart about Texas’ renewed commitment to the miserably failed, dangerous and harmful “reparative therapy." Just click on the photo above to watch. When the clinical psychologist was asked about "trying to get the gay out of people," he said, "I would rather … Continue reading Bring Out The Heterosexual In You

How Beautiful Are You?

Hannah, my beautiful youngest daughter, once told me she felt much more comfortable with her theater friends than with her Christian friends. She felt welcomed, included, and free - but not in her Christian group. Why? Because she could be who she is. She was safe to be Hannah without people watching for some kind … Continue reading How Beautiful Are You?

Reject Gay People from Church?? You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me!

Is it scandalous to say that LGBTQ are just as valuable as everyone else? Is it scandalous to open the church doors wide, to say they have a place in church and in the body of Christ? Is it scandalous to say you can be gay and Christian? In some circles it certainly is. Almost as radical … Continue reading Reject Gay People from Church?? You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me!

Family Relationships: The Fine Line Between Hope & Denial

After he came out, his mother burned his birth certificate and all his childhood photos in the front yard. She sent him a black funeral wreath that said, "In Memory of My Son." She never talked to him again. Ever. A son's honesty with his parents failed to yield the love, compassion and forgiveness they … Continue reading Family Relationships: The Fine Line Between Hope & Denial

An Affirming Pastor’s Letter to GLBT Christians

"Let me begin by begging your forgiveness for the way you have been mistreated..." Wonderful readers, I share this pastor's letter which resonates with my heart, echoing my ongoing blogs, showing us Jesus' love. Please enjoy and take great courage from pastors like this -- and there are plenty of them! - Susan An open … Continue reading An Affirming Pastor’s Letter to GLBT Christians

Legalism is Just Haggling Over Price

At a dinner party Winston Churchill says to his dinner companion, "Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?" The woman responds, "My goodness, Mr. Churchill. I suppose I would." Churchill replies, "Would you sleep with me for five pounds?" She answers, "Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?" … Continue reading Legalism is Just Haggling Over Price

Be Kind to Yourself

This post is part of the June Synchroblog which asks the question “What would you tell your younger self if you could travel back in time?” So, here we go... Sitting in the gentle breeze out on the balcony, I am overjoyed at how much I love my life. Now, I do. But I spent … Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself

We Are NOT God’s Hall Monitor

Why was the shoe stopped by the hall monitor? Because it was being knotty. : ) What is the church’s voice in the marriage equality issue, and how helpful is it? As I consider this question from Glad Alliance Church, I look at the church’s role overall. The church has produced immeasurable good in the … Continue reading We Are NOT God’s Hall Monitor

John MacArthur: the new Fred Phelps?

Shun your gay child? Don't even have a meal with them? This is not the heart of God - but it is the heart of people like John MacArthur - or maybe the lack of heart. People just don't know how hateful they are. It was easy to look at Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading John MacArthur: the new Fred Phelps?

Saying Goodbye to My Dad & Father’s Day as I Have Known It

  Eleven years ago, I joined the ranks of honorees for Father’s Day.   The previous July, my son Jason was born and put into my arms.  The first Father’s Day for me was quiet with plenty of attention from friends and family, and it affirmed wonderful celebrations in the years to come. Today, for Father's … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to My Dad & Father’s Day as I Have Known It

Are You SURE You’re a Christian??

"Are you sure you're a Christian? Because I don't really think so--even though you say you are--and my ideas on your spiritually are more important than YOUR ideas on your spiritually..." Well, I think I've entered into some kind of Hall of Fame: I got my first, face-to-face, questioning of whether I know Christ. Yesterday, my close … Continue reading Are You SURE You’re a Christian??

I Need Your Story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night…  okay, okay, I’m sure your story starts better than that. This is Rob, Susan's husband, writing today. : ) We all grow up with stories. Family stories, hometown stories, books … Continue reading I Need Your Story

“Reparative Therapy”?? AGAIN?? Nooooooooo….

The Texas GOP has added so-called "reparative therapy" to its new platform. How out-to-lunch, out of touch, or else plain-out hateful do you have to be to think this is a good idea? How selfish, obtuse, blind and cruel does one have to be? This country is not a giant family where "father knows best," … Continue reading “Reparative Therapy”?? AGAIN?? Nooooooooo….

‘Third Way’ Applies to Rules, Not People

Thursday I wrote about the Third Way re. the LGBTQ issue and was surprised by responses from two friends who know my heart and value my work. I knew I had written some profound truth in that post—no regrets there—but I also knew Liz and Michael had found cracks for people to treat LGBTQ people as a … Continue reading ‘Third Way’ Applies to Rules, Not People

The Mother of All Wounds

The Mother Wound. It’s the Mother of all wounds. It’s the absence of “mothering”—of tenderness, nurturance, connectedness — that I see in the traditional, patriarchal evangelical church. I’ve become keenly aware of this as I blog to the LGBTQ community of faith, because I’ve had to take a cold, hard look at the problems in … Continue reading The Mother of All Wounds

The Third Way: The Only Authentic Response

The Third Way. Perhaps you've heard about it or seen the posts flying. The Third Way re. LGBTQ means to love without taking a position of "right or wrong" on being LGBTQ (or "acting" on it), but instead to suspend judgment and simply embrace.* Perhaps you saw this exquisitely thoughtful video by Pastor Danny Cortez, about … Continue reading The Third Way: The Only Authentic Response