Beware of Flying Scripture


Are you getting a little tired of people pulling out scripture to entrap you, tell you how wrong you are, and tell you to change? I am! I’m tired of people doing it to me, and I’m tired of them doing it to you.

Jesus is tired of it too, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Only two parties used scripture as “correction”: the religious leaders and satan. Did you catch that? Only religious leaders and satan used scripture to correct others. I’m not sure why we haven’t paid much more attention to this, because that is earth-shattering. Sounds like using scripture to correct others is a misuse of scripture.
  2. To use scripture as “correction” is to use it as a weapon. Or, entrapment. Satan tried to trick Jesus to depend on himself instead of on God. Religious leaders tried to entrap Jesus into excluding or correcting people, or taking sides in their factions. Sounds again like a misuse of scripture; Jesus didn’t fall for it, and with Jesus’ empowerment, we need not fall for it either.
  3. Jesus never used scripture this way. That is a stunning realization! Jesus never threw scripture at people to tell them how wrong they were and/or to get them to change their ways. Anyone whose heart is in the right place should find that sufficient reason to cease and desist… IF their heart is in the right place. Current religious leaders who use scripture — from the pulpit, airwaves or internet — to denigrate LGBTQ people, pregnant teens, divorcees, are doing it wrong.
  4. Jesus answered back with scripture only those who used it as a weapon. He did not use it to correct broken, wounded, hurt, stumbling, seeking, gentle, willing souls. (Even those in clear sin.) He offered a relationship with himself. He offered life. All the difference in the world.
  5. You don’t have to be hurt by scripture, any more than Jesus was. You don’t have to be afraid of what someone will dig out of there to entrap you — because they are doing it wrong. They have no permission to use scripture as a weapon, and clear instruction not to. You can rest and trust in a God who loves the world so much that whosoever believes in him will have life!
  6. Religious leaders did not take kindly to Jesus when he corrected their misuse of scripture and of their authority. In the end, they killed him. Please don’t feel obligated to answer back scripture verses! Good chance those using them against you do not want to listen to your answers, and it will leave YOU extremely frustrated, angry and sad. Unless God specifically leads you, it is better to back out of a scriptural debate, and instead, offer parents/pastors/others resources that answer more fully and cleanly than you may be able to. This saves you from unnecessary turmoil, and it weeds out those who will really seek out more guidance from those who are just looking to entrap you.
  7. If you want to understand the “clobber passages” for your own sanity, there are great resources for it. But don’t worry about what you don’t yet understand; instead, trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in all truth.
  8. Rest in the verses that show you how much God loves you! How God will guide you! How you are the apple of God’s eye! God put those in the Bible multiple times for good reason, because we totally need to hear them, and we are totally told the opposite way too many times. The loving passages are a great place to park. 🙂

Paul tells Timothy scripture is useful to teach us what is true and wrong in our lives — but God uses it to prepare and equip his people (v. 17) — we are not to use against each other. In the end, the law (the rules) are to lead us to Christ. Once we’re there, we no longer need the rules. Shocking but true!

Go in peace, my friend. Love God and love others. And beware of flying scripture. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Beware of Flying Scripture

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  2. I enjoyed this post – liked all of the points, especially #6 and #7. Number 6 I have found helpful on many occasions, as I don’t have to prove anything to anyone…. and you’re right, they don’t really want to try to understand a different view. And I think not getting into a debate actually may cause some folks to think more about things – they go away wondering about what you said rather than thinking they won a debate. It has been great to realize I don’t have to prove myself, my beliefs…
    I remember being TERRIFIED of the “clobber verses”, it took a long time before I could read them without fear… there are a lot of resources and I am so glad they are available for studying and praying about.
    Thank you for blogging.

    • I, too, am super afraid about “clobber verses”. until now i still cringe and feel condemned whenever i read them. but i want God’s grace to be bigger in me so that i may overcome it like you did. 🙂

  3. When I was working with my pastor on my plans to come out as transgender to my church, he advised me to watch out for people who just quote a single verse to try to attack me. His advice was that I look it up, but also take time to read what it says before and after. I find that those using scripture to attack are taking it way out of context. I also have once tried to argue with one of those types. Like you said, it was a very frustating experience which I left feeling upset.

  4. Thank you for this today. Earlier someone was throwing scriptures at me to prove me wrong on an issue and I found it frustrating. I wanted to have a rational, adult dialogue, but was just thrown scriptures instead. Almost as if that person did not know what to believe, so they choose to take the safe route of Bible talk.

    • Oh you’re welcome, my friend. I know people are confused – they’d have to be, given the vitriol preached against LGBTQ for the past 40 years. But the scripture-slinging is NOT the safe way. Without the life of Christ in it, it’s just spiritual abuse. Bless you.

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