Flowers for the Living

It was a big day nonetheless. Graduating from seminary, I enjoyed family and friends here to celebrate, and so many more cheering me on from afar. I felt loved, valued, appreciated, seen, and heard! Gifts and well wishes rained down from Mamas in FreedHearts Moms, my secret online support group. I received many more wishes … Continue reading Flowers for the Living

A Letter from Susan

In our post yesterday, we reminded you of our new FreedHearts website. I sure hope you visit us. I wanted to write a personal letter here on our WordPress blog - just to share my heart, my vision and my hope. If you are in the evangelical church, or if you are in the LGBTQ … Continue reading A Letter from Susan

NEW Website, Books and Resources!

We wanted to let you know that all the information about FreedHearts, details of Susan Cottrell's books, other key programs, and all of our resources are now located at our new website! Visit the main Susan Cottrell FreedHearts website at: Email us at Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 8161, Austin, TX 78713-8161

Jesus Blog: Let Your True Colors Come Out

This is a special Jesus Blog post for National Coming Out Day! Please grasp the heart of this message, but please keep yourself safe. You know your situation. Do not do anything rash that could put you (or your situation) in danger. If you are in that kind of circumstance, but feel like it is … Continue reading Jesus Blog: Let Your True Colors Come Out

Dear Susan: Are Gays God’s Second-Best?

Too many in the non-affirming church say this type of thing... Gays are just born 'broken', a result of sin, family curse, tendencies that are not 'God's ideal.'  Gays can't help it - but they need to be 'fixed.' People have no idea how deeply offensive this is and how contrary to the truth and … Continue reading Dear Susan: Are Gays God’s Second-Best?

Into The Second Closet: Christian Parents With Gay Children

"If these young people, in moments of exhaustion or anger or complete desperation, do share that deepest of secrets with their Christian parents, and even if those parents do choose not to disown them or expel them, something else happens almost instantly; the whole family goes into the closet together; into a second hiding." We have … Continue reading Into The Second Closet: Christian Parents With Gay Children

The Son God Gave Me

"My child's struggle to figure out who he was called everything I believed into question. With my strong faith and lots of soul-searching, the answers finally became clear." We have been blessed to meet and get to know many transgender people and their families since we began our journey as parents of a gay child, … Continue reading The Son God Gave Me