What if Straight was Gay and Gay was Straight?

Bullying is devastating. If you have experienced it, you know what I mean. Sixth grade was hell for me, as I was singled out for abuse, ridicule, and pain. I honestly did not know how I drew this hatred, but I knew I would never be at ease among these kids from River Oaks in Houston. I know now that I just came from the wrong side of the tracks, but the earlier messages I’d already internalized made me an easy mark and the resulting shame took years to be free of.

Shame is that sense that something is deeply wrong with you, something you can’t control or fix, something that makes no sense. Whether it’s messages of worthiness, or ability or sexual orientation, shame messages cut to the very heart of identity. But God does not speak to us like that. His voice is always one of love, tenderness, hope — like a mother hen taking us under her wing. He does not speak shame to His children.

Jesus speaks to our very identity. He loves us, no matter what. Don’t let anybody change your view of yourself based on their perception. Let Jesus love you based on His perception.

Click here to read “A Love Letter to the LGBTQ from a Christian Mom”

7 thoughts on “What if Straight was Gay and Gay was Straight?

  1. I started out watching this and thinking that we still can’t understand because even a movie saying it’s wrong to be straight doesn’t hurt us since that’s not how the world is. We can only imagine, and let this show us how stupid it all sounds. By the end, I was in tears. We may not fully understand, but our hearts still tell us this is wrong.

  2. I’ve seen this. So moving and powerful… and sad. And let me tell you. I am getting ready to begin my 12th year of teaching middle school. They need lots of love… and lots of eyes looking out for them.

  3. Thank you once again for speaking about an issue that touches so many of us. . In fact, I am afraid it is one that touches more of us than we would like to admit. I realize there are areas I still want to let go of and just have not been able to. This is one reason why I want Christ in my life so much, because I believe He is the only one who truly understands all that has gone on in my life and is willing to “hang out” with me until the job of healing is accomplished.

  4. Thank you, Susan! Spot on, as always! I hope you had a wonderful rest of your week at your women’s conference! Micha and I enjoyed meeting you and sharing food and drinks. Thank you also for the books, I scanned through the parenting book and passed it on to our director of children and families—who was delighted to receive it. I thought it was right on the money. I will soon start the marriage book and looking forward to that. I hope this finds you well and send love and hugs to you and your family! ~Paul

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